Building organisational maturity

Fixing a product’s accessibility issues as a standalone process will not secure maturity of the organisation. Just like any other practice, to build great accessible products, you need to increase maturity from performing occasional activities to integrating accessibility activities throughout the development process.
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Pyramid that represents the product Compliance Maturity Model illustration

Accessibility Compliance Maturity Model

To ensure that getting started with accessibility does not become an overwhelming task, Visma has developed an accessibility compliance maturity model for to support products with WCAG compliance. This way, you can take the journey step-by-step.
The model is made up of a bronze, a silver, a gold and a platinum layer.

Bronze –
The basic level

  • Visual presentation have sufficient contrast and quality, non-text content is understandable even without being able to see it visually.
  • It is easy to understand and interact with the system, no changes occur that the user would not expect. The user interface and its contents are consistent.
  • Forms and other input are clear and helpful.
Pyramid that represents the Bronze level - illustration
Pyramid that represents the Silver level - illustration

Silver –
Stepping up

  • The user interface is responsive, it is easy to navigate and use using only a keyboard.
  • Navigation is logical and clear. Input errors are prevented as far as possible, and the user can access relevant help and instructions if needed.
  • The code is following most of the best practices within front-end coding, such as using correct element markup and labelling. There are no timed, flashing, or unexpected elements or events.

Gold –
Target level

  • Reaches the latest WCAG AA compliance.
  • The support for audio and video content is sufficient with captions and have alternatives to pre-recorded content.
  • The code is of excellent quality and contains no major errors.
  • The user can control how text is presented visually.
  • Touch or motion based interactions are given alternatives.
Pyramid that represents the Gold level - illustration
Pyramid that represents the Platinum level - illustration

Platinum –
Best in class

  • Extended support for audio and video content, including live content.
  • User can choose themselves how to interact, using keyboard or similar devices, mouse or other.
  • The user has complete control over animations and other changing elements, as well as visual presentation.

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