Accessibility in Visma

Create better, futureproof products and reduce risk

Creating accessible products not only benefits users with disabilities but gives a competitive edge, and reduces financial and regulatory risks.

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Our vision

Visma must be known by peers, customers and clients as best-in-class of accessibility to attract talent, business and public tender contracts.

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Dedicated to be inclusive

In Visma, the way we work and the products we deliver are rooted in our core values, one of which is to be inclusive. Being inclusive when it comes to our users means that no-one is excluded from using our products, e.g. by having a disability or impairment.

As one of the leading software companies in Europe, Visma is in prime position to be the change leader for accessibility friendly workplaces. Together, we can contribute to the important change and we can lead that change.

The product team

To build accessible products, your team needs to be ready and have a proper division of responsibilities. Below are typical product team roles and what they are usually responsible for, when it comes to accessibility. Not every product team has all these roles, and in those cases it is important to talk about the different tasks and who is responsible for what.

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Product owner

The product owner is ultimately responsible for the product being accessible to the necessary standard. They should make sure that proper ways-of-working are defined and committed to by the team.

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Business analyst

The business analyst should have the overview of requirements, acceptance criteria and compliance status. Their role is a facilitating role, supporting the product owner.

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Content writer

The content writer makes sure that the wordings and communication in general is understandable. They are also responsible for future proofing new content, e.g. by creating editor guidelines.

UX/UI designer icon

UX/UI Designer

The UX/UI designer makes sure that the visual design and the interactive design is perceivable, understandable and works for different disabilities and impairments. It is paramount to annotate the design deliverable with accessibility specifications.

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Frontend developer

The frontend developer is responsible for implementing the design as specified and enriching the code with proper HTML and accessibility features to make sure it works with assistive technologies.

UX Researcher icon

UX researcher

The UX researcher works to understand the different user types and their needs to build the most inclusive and accessible product. They should also make sure to do user involvement and testing with users with disabilities and impairments throughout the development process.

QA tester icon

QA tester

The QA tester is responsible for making sure the product is developed as defined by design. They test accessibility against acceptance criteria, e.g. by using an accessibility test protocol.

The spectrum of disabilities
and impairments



Illustration with a person without a hand
One arm
Illustration with a blind person
Illustration with a deaf person
Illustration with a person that can't speak
Illustration with a person that has ADHD


Illustration with a person that has a broken arm
Arm injury
Illustration with a person that has cataract
Illustration with a person that has an ear infection
Ear infection
Illustration with a person that has laryngitis
Illustration with a person that has burnout/depression


Illustration with a person that has a baby in the arms
New parent
Illustration with a person that is driving and watching the phone
Distracted driver
Illustration with a bartender
Illustration with a person that is from a foreign country
Heavy accent
Illustration with a person that has burnout/depression
Noisy office
Group of people in a meeting

Our accessibility community

One of the best ways to improve the knowledge of accessibility is to join our accessibility community. Here your product team joins hundreds of Visma professionals from different roles ready to share great resources or answer questions.

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