Pineut works more efficiently and can continue to grow

Without ERP, it's not possible to set up our processes in such a way, that they really run smoothly, says Marlies van Iterson, owner and Managing Director at Pineut.

Marlies van Iterson, owner and Managing Director at Pineut

Pinout makes tasty do-it-yourself products. Owner Marlies van Iterson works in the office with ten people on product development, purchasing and sales. Pineut outsources the production to a sheltered workshop.

Growth, more articles and more raw materials made it necessary to switch from a simple accounting package and Excel to another solution.

Pineut now handles the accounting with Financials and Logistics supports the logistics processes and stock management. In the logistics software, articles and raw materials are registered and productions are planned. Incoming orders are then reserved in inventory.

'You can't really manage that without such a system. You don't want to make mistakes and don't want to disappoint customers. You don't have to think about many things that were worrying before,' says Marlies van Iterson.

Work more efficiently and reduce errors

Marlies van Iterson says: We work more efficiently with Visma's software, make fewer mistakes and can continue to grow. Without the software, I don't think it's possible to set up your processes in such a way that they really run smoothly.

 Visma partner eServiceware ERP partner eServiceware took care of the implementation at Pineut. Even after implementation, the organization can still turn to the partner for day-to-day management. 

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